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Why Fund Governance?

There are only two independent guardians of investor interests in the fund management industry: the independent directors on a fund’s board of directors and the industry’s regulators. The 2008 financial crisis underscored the need for better fund governance as a number of independent directors on hedge fund boards signed off on unjustifiable restrictions of investor…
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Our Mission

The Foundation’s mission is to reinforce the role of independent hedge fund directors as guardians of investor interests by shedding sunlight on hedge fund governance practices. We are guided by the principle that greater openness and transparency will allow market forces and competition to improve fund governance. The Foundation does not believe in a one-size-fits-all…
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What We Do

The Foundation has compiled data on over 17,000 current and past independent directorship positions held by over 2,200 individuals worldwide who sit on 6,435 hedge fund boards. Extracted principally from government, regulatory and self-regulatory filings online, this information has been organized for easy access and cross-referencing. Currently in a beta stage of development, this database…
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Foundation Status

Incorporated in March 2012 as a nonprofit corporation under DC Code Title 29 Chapter 4 in Washington D.C., the Foundation will file (Form 1023) seeking 501(C) (3) tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service. Emails may be sent to Regular mail may be sent to P.O. Box 58293, Washington D.C. 20037.